What You Need to Know About Site Amenities and Why

The hallmark of a great landscape design or hospitality design is the ability to add both function and form in an understated way. Many businesses spend hours of valuable time picking out the perfect site amenities. They’re searching for something that will help give their business a cohesive look and is pleasing to customers. These amenities also need to serve some sort of functional purpose. Read on to learn more about how commercial site furnishings can brand businesses and beautify city streets and parks.

Commercial Trash Receptacles

Consider the simple trash can. While some business owners may be tempted to use a generic plastic garbage can to cut costs, the smarter choice would be to choose from a selection of custom trash receptacles that will look better and last longer than a cheap trash barrel. A high-quality commercial trash receptacle is identifiable without distracting from the greater design of the space. Some options even blend in well with large planters. For trash receptacles that will be placed in smoking areas don’t forget to add the optional ashtray. Planters Unlimited manufactures custom commercial trash receptacles with business logos, illumination, and can customize metal or fiberglass designs to your specifications.Outdoor Benches & Commercial Furniture

Modern Fiberglass Trash Receptacle

Modern Fiberglass Trash Receptacle

Modern Fiberglass Trash Receptacle

Modern Fiberglass Trash Receptacle & Planter Set

Outdoor Benches & Commercial Furniture

Custom Outdoor Benches that include built-in planters and storage spaces are another great example of a piece of furniture serving multiple purposes. Beautifully made with a real wood grain finish on durable and long-lasting fiberglass construction these bench and planter systems look great while providing needed seating and storage. Built to last indoors or out, these benches would be perfect on a deck, dockside, or creating the border for a street front seating area.

Madera Custom Bench Systems

Madera Fiberglass Custom Bench System

Madera Custom Commercial Furniture

Madera Fiberglass Custom Bench System

Create Privacy Using Commercial Plantscapes

Something as simple as the addition of a commercial planter stand looks great while serving a purpose vital to office design. Placed in a large lobby and planted with artificial plants, an elevated planter system can provide privacy, direct foot traffic, or hide unsightly parts of the office. This planter can be custom manufactured to any size, shape, or color you could imagine making it a great fit for any location. Planters can be shipped populated with artificial plantscapes, ready for placement, and features such as rolling casters can be added to mobilize the display.

Large Office Planters with Metal Plant Stands

Large Office Planters with Metal Plant Stands

Large Office Planters with Metal Plant Stands

Planter: Celluar PVC Composite | Stand: Finished Steel

One-stop-shop for all your businesses site amenities.

Most business owners want to get down to doing the work that makes their company run. Too often they find themselves wasting days in a never-ending search for the right site amenities for their business. For example the hunt for decorative wall panels for an office turns up only cheap products bound to fall apart after a few months. Or a search for custom outdoor planters that turns up off the rack options that just don’t meet the needs of your business or the demands of your space.

Fiberglass Custom Storage Box

Fiberglass Custom Storage Boxes can be made to any specifications, shape, and size.

PlantersUnlimited.com designs and manufactures the kind of high-quality commercial furniture, planters, and other site amenities that our customers demand. We offer standard products that fit many applications as well as the ability to custom manufacture products to fit almost any project specifications.

From wrought iron planter stands to fiberglass custom tabletops and everything in between Planters Unlimited is your one stop shop for commercial grade site amenities. Visit our website today to discover the solutions to your commercial design problems.

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