How to Use Planters, Screens, and Space Dividers for Privacy

From dividing larger rooms into conversational areas to blocking out noisy—or nosy— neighbors and passersby, our planters and screens can be useful for creating privacy in a variety of settings and for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the ways these attractive design elements also function as privacy screens for your indoor or outdoor space.

Planters for Privacy and Filtered, Natural Views

Planters are ideal for adding natural beauty and filtered views while creating more intimate, conversational areas. Line them on the side of your balcony or flank your entryway to maintain your privacy with neighbors living in close quarters. Place them around a pool area or outdoor patio to create a relaxing getaway, complete with a canopy of plants to give it tropical island ambiance.

Easily add greenery to the concrete jungle of a rooftop patio by placing planters around a seating area to create the perfect, warm setting for dinners under the stars. For restaurant patios and outdoor common areas, planters are a great way to cordon off large, open spaces into several more intimate alcoves.


Azalea Trellises for Spaces Sectioned by Bright Blossoms

Trellises have long been used as a delicate, decorative way to create privacy. Many have used our trellises, filled with trailing vines or blossoming blooms, on front porches, decks, side yards, and gardens.

Our azalea trellises—which come in a fiberglass planter pre-populated with artificial yet natural-looking azalea flowers in red, cream, or pink—can also be used in weddings and other special events. These trellises act as an elegant backdrop that does double duty in dividing spaces meant for multiple uses (like a stage and dance floor for weddings and other venues that provide entertainment). Place them in offices to divide work spaces and control foot traffic, or add one or more to a lobby or waiting room for instant privacy.


Decorative Wall Panels for Artistic Accents that Divide Spaces

For more complete coverage and blocked views, our decorative wall panels are a great way to introduce both privacy and high design into a space. Available in textural designs that range from modern metal finishes to fabricated bark, these 3D wall panels are an easy, long-lasting way to add an instant accent wall anywhere you desire. Offered in multiple and custom sizes, these wall panels can be easily attached to existing partitions (hostess stands, kiosks, reception and help desks, retail booths and POS terminals, etc.) to create visual interest.

Larger decorative wall panels are often used as an artistic backdrop in restaurants, residential dining and living rooms, and commercial properties. Simple to install and lightweight, these panels are easy to transport and quick to add brand distinction and claim space at trade shows and conferences.


Need More Privacy Solutions? Let Us Know!

From boxwood hedges to bamboo groves, we have the privacy screen solution to match your needs and design plan. Learn more or start your project by visiting us at or calling us toll-free at 1-800-320-0626.

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