New York’s Garment District is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, and this year has been transformed for the summer to include an urban garden space and public common area. In this seasonal plaza created by closing a few blocks on Broadway, people could enjoy walking, shopping, eating, biking, taking fitness classes, and enjoying musical performances and art installations.

The UrbanSpace project, as it was named, was spearheaded by the Garment District Alliance, a not-for-profit organization. They contacted Planters Unlimited for help to make custom planters to showcase trees and other greenery in this new garden in the heart of the concrete jungle.

Reinforced Planters for the Urban Garden

The Garment District Alliance were looking for planters large and sturdy enough to house full-grown, 8-foot birch trees and their root systems and soil, along with other lush greenery. They needed planters to line this high-traffic area, and the planters needed to be made of a commercial-grade material that would be sturdy enough to handle a large volume of people and the inclement weather in New York. We suggested fiberglass planters, made more stable with custom metal reinforcements (typically not metal).

We started with our Square Fiberglass Planters, made in a custom large size of 5′ wide and 4′ high. These large planters were further customized to include forklift cutouts so that they could be easily moved for this seasonal space.

Fiberglass for All-Weather, High-Traffic Spaces

Our fiberglass planters are a popular choice for landscape designers and trade professionals who love them for their strength, longevity, and lighter weight construction (compared to other industrial-grade planter materials). They are naturally resistant to mold, and can handle dramatic temperature changes without cracking, chipping, or splitting. Incredibly versatile, these planters can be made in virtually any size, shape, color, or finish. Options include casters, legs, sauces, and pre-drilled drainage holes.

Got a Design Project? Let Us Help!

If you’re working on a commercial project that you need commercial-grade planters, hanging baskets, outdoor furniture, or other landscape solutions, we are here to help. Most of our planters can be custom-made to fit your application and design theme. Plus, if you’re a designer or trade professional, enjoy exclusive pricing and perks as a trade program member. To learn more about our trade program or to place a custom order, call us at 1-888-320-0626.

Photo credits: Gotham to Go (first photo), Bar & Bowtie (second photo), and the Urban Garden NYC website (featured image). 

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