The charm of low bowl planters lies in their versatility as design elements: there are as many ways to style them as there are choices of plants to plant in them. Our fiberglass low bowl planters are available in a variety of customizable styles and colors, any of which will complement your modern design scheme. Here are some ideas on how to use these low bowl beauties in your next residential or commercial design project.

Place Them on Pedestals, Pillars, and Columns

These outdoor planter bowls are the perfect addition to place atop pedestals, pillars, and columns because they give a “finished” look to them, offsetting the hard lines of these architectural elements with their sleek profile and green, organic beauty. Plant trailing vines or tall, splaying green sprouts, depending on where you’d like to focus the eye, to round out the design profile of these stylish low bowl planters.

Line Walkways with Their Low-Profile Style

Direct foot traffic with finesse using several low bowl planters to line walkways, pool areas, patios—virtually anywhere you wish to create a decorative border or space divider. These lovely low bowls define spaces in homes, restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. Get creative by choosing your style: from the simple yet sophisticated Modern Low Bowls to the more Old-World, traditional Italian Villa Low Bowl Planters. Sidewalks, staircases, verandas, terraces, decks—all are great places to line up low bowl planters, whether across the ground or on low walls, sectioning spaces elegantly with their natural beauty.


Showcase Them as Sleek Centerpieces

Who says that the beauty of the low bowl is the plants that live in them? These chic, commercial landscape planters are a unique design piece all their own. The Santorini Bowl Planter and the Alexandria Flower Bowl Planter for example, both have visually pleasing, contemporary profiles—and their overly large sizes (74″ x 14″ and 74″ x 18″, respectively) will make a definite statement to guests and passersby. Both large low bowl planters are the perfect changeable design elements because you can customize them in color and finish and add any plant grouping that works with your design. These large planters are perfect in scale for large open spaces that could use the warm, natural presence of lush greenery. For a chic planter that does double duty as a chic seating option, check out the Rosetta Bowl Bench Planter, with its wide rim where guests can sit and rest as they admire their surroundings.


Display Their Beauty without Blocking Views

Another popular use for our low bowl planters is using them as low-profile ways to add green beauty without blocking sight lines. This is especially important on hotel and restaurant terraces and other places where million-dollar views are the focal point. Classic styles like the Square Modern Low Bowl Planter and the Rosetta Bowl Planter provide plenty of horizontal planting room, which allows you to add greenery to your heart’s content, and without obstructing views.

Use Them to Make Modern Hanging Gardens

Display your stunning arrangements at eye level in our Modern Low Bowl Hanging Baskets. Made of fiberglass just like our low bowl planters, these hanging baskets are the perfect way to upgrade the sightlines of your home, restaurant, hotel, or office. Hang them from the ceiling or a beam of your entryway, deck, patio, or porch. Customize them by choosing from a range of colors—from neutral to lively. Specify the size and finish, and then add color and texture in the plants of your choosing.

Create Countless, Fully Customizable Designs 

Use two or more to flank an elevator or door. Place them on bars and counter tops, on reception desks, and around or on fountains and ponds. Add them to a hotel foyer or lobby. Fill them with succulents, bright perennials, trailing vines, or even decorative stones. There are endless ways to style low bowl planters, creating just the right accent or focal point for your space.

Our commercial-grade quality, fiberglass low bowl planters and hanging baskets are available in a variety of finishes, including real metal. They are customizable in shape, color, and finish, and come with the option of drainage holes.

Ready to add some sleek, low profile planters to your space? For questions about, or to order, any of our low bowl planters, visit us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-896-0978.

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