Whether the design of your business’ exterior is stuck in the 1970s, or it just needs a few refreshing touches, keeping your design on-trend and on-brand is part of a forward-thinking business model. Restaurants, hotels, theme parks, apartment and condo complexes, retail stores, and other properties benefit from a design refresh every few years for the following reasons:

  • It attracts customers. Fresh design not only catches the eye of repeat customers, but it sparks interest of new customers. People equate a well-designed space with a well-run business—and exciting new furnishings and décor make them want to check out what else you have to offer.
  • It reflects a higher price point. Looking to boost your price point in the coming months or years? Some simple design changes can drastically upgrade your space to match your higher price point.
  • It can lead to using the space more efficiently. Make a common courtyard or restaurant patio more pleasant both visually and functionally using planters, benches, and other design elements that allow people to better use, and enjoy, the space.

Why Use Modern Planters for Your Design Refresh?

At Planters Unlimited, many business owners come to us for custom-made planter solutions when seeking to re-vamp their design. Our most popular planter collection, the Modern series is often used in commercial renovations for upscale restaurants, apartment and condo complexes, retail spaces, and other venues because they provide:

 Custom Sizing at No Extra Charge

Custom sizing isn’t something we can do—it’s something we do every day! Do you have a certain planter size in mind? Need more than one Modern planter customized to fit your space? We can make one or several planters to the exact specifications you ask—and with no extra charge or lead time!

 Long-Lasting, Durable Fiberglass Material

Fiberglass planters are a favorite for commercial properties because they look and feel like stone and yet are lighter in weight and easier to move into place. Plus their sturdy construct prevents them from chipping or cracking easily, and makes them weather-resistant even in harsher climates.

Easy Drainage with Zero Water Damage

Commercial-grade Modern planters come with pre-drilled drainage holes for outdoor use and drip trays for indoor use, so there is no risk of rotting, mildew, or expensive water stains to clean up.

A Simple, Streamlined Style That Won’t Go Off Trend

The simple style of the Modern planter is what makes it so easy to incorporate into a design; it’s also what keeps the design relevant for years to come. It’s clean, straightforward shape—whether rectangular, square, or round—never goes out of style.

A Wide Selection of Colors and Finishes

With over 25 colors and four textured finishes to choose from, our Modern planter is a true chameleon! Add to that our metal coatings of copper, bronze, and silver, and you have endless design possibilities.

Ready to Re-Vamp the Look of Your Business?

Find the Modern planter that’s just right for your re-design project today—call 1-888-320-0626 to place your order or talk to our planter experts about your custom options. Round out your new design with contemporary plant creations like faux pampas grass and bamboo clusters from Artificial Plants Unlimited for a modern, maintenance-free landscape. Find out more at www.ArtificialPlantsUnlimited.com

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