Metal, Stone, Sand, and More: Durable Planter Finishes for Any Design

At Planters Unlimited, we pride ourselves on providing custom large commercial planters that meet our clients’ needs, including providing them with a variety of industrial-grade, exotic finishes and textures for our fiberglass outdoor planters of any size and style. In this post, learn about each of these quality finishes, and how they can provide you […]

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Planter Materials: How They’re Different and When to Choose One Over Another

At Planters Unlimited, we pride ourselves on going beyond an “off-the-shelf” mindset, specializing in highly customizable, commercial-grade planters. Part of our clients’ design freedom is choosing which planter material works with their design. In this post, we explain the differences between our most popular planter materials, and share examples of applications where they would work…

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Messina Illuminated Square Planters

Custom Planters for Your Business

Businesses across the country are rushing to put together landscaping design and interior design plans that include large planters.  The reason?  They have realized that customers appreciate commercial spaces that feel comfortable and unique.  There is no better way to provide this feeling than by using real or artificial plants in well-manufactured custom planters. While some…

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