Metal, Stone, Sand, and More: Durable Planter Finishes for Any Design

At Planters Unlimited, we pride ourselves on providing custom large commercial planters that meet our clients’ needs, including providing them with a variety of industrial-grade, exotic finishes and textures for our fiberglass outdoor planters of any size and style. In this post, learn about each of these quality finishes, and how they can provide you […]

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Miro Sphere Planters - Persimmon

Stylish New Commercial Planters for Your Business

Whether you run a multi-million dollar hotel chain, or a small sidewalk cafe, there is a good chance you have looked for commercial planters for your business.  Perfect for both indoor applications in offices, lobbies, and waiting areas, or outdoor spaces like decks, patios, or around entry areas, large planter boxes are a great way to add a little natural beauty to any space.

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