Show Stopping Event Design Ideas

When it comes to setting up an event space, first impressions are everything. Transport guests to another world with a little help from artificial plants. They not only add a sense of greenery and beauty to a space, but also define areas of a venue to create privacy and security.

Artificial Topiaries

Topiaries bring in a feeling of artsy sophistication, but the real versions are difficult to prune, maintain, and transport. Outdoor artificial topiaries can create the same environment without the pain of care and maintenance. Topiaries come in a variety of styles and sizes, so a perfect match can be found for any event. This 3-ball topiary makes a striking impression and is perfect for lining an entryway or flanking a doorway. If you can’t find the perfect artificial topiary, a great option is to create a custom topiary in any desired shape, such as your company logo. Topiary logos are a classy way to brand an event in a unique and eye-catching way. No matter the shape, faux topiary plants are a design element that can make a big splash without a big effort. They can be used year round and are treated with UV materials to resist fading, keeping the artificial plants in top shape for every event.

Make your event the talk of the town with custom and unique-shaped artificial topiaries.

Make your event the talk of the town with custom and unique-shaped artificial topiaries.

Artificial Hedges

A great way to add greenery and define a space, artificial hedges can be used in a number of ways. Placed in pots, like this artificial boxwood with simple planter, they can be used as space dividers to differentiate dining and seating areas or other spaces. Place on a wall, they can create a unique focal point and establish privacy from neighborhood sights and sounds. Artificial hedges are a classic design element, and make a good investment that can be used for multiple events.

Commercial Planters

Commercial planters are a sturdy and stylish way to add unique architectural details to any space. Available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and shapes, planters are customizable and can help add unique details to a space. Outdoor planters can also bring in elements of class and sophistication; add built-in landscape lighting to make pathways safe and illuminate accent walls. Plus, there is a commercial planter perfect for every event and venue. A chic trend in decorating is illuminated planters, which accent your design space and provide a stylish and functional lighting source. For a more rustic feel, this barnwood planter is a great option. Commercial planters can be reused for nearly any type of event and can turn even the most basic venue into something magical.

Artificial plants, such as topiaries, hedges, and planters, can be a pivotal element in your event décor. Perfect for filling in a space and creating a true party atmosphere, commercial grade artificial plants provide the strong aesthetics and quality to make every event space a success.

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