Whether you’re a landscape architect or a small business owner, if you’re looking for hospitality design ideas to revamp your commercial space, we have the design experience and commercial-grade materials you need to get the look you want. Restaurants, storefronts, lobbies, shopping centers—anyplace you wish to beautify, we have virtually endless design ideas and customization capabilities to make it happen.

Before Redesign

Helping Sharp Hospital Reach Their Design Goals

In this post, we are highlighting one of our recent redesign projects, the remodel of the front of a multi-level parking garage at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, the largest healthcare facility in East San Diego County, California. Since the front of the parking garage was highly visible upon entry and exit of the hospital, it needed to match the same clean, modern design as the rest of the hospital and grounds. Here’s how we helped them achieve a beautiful, durable design that they—and all who visit them—love!

The first thing we did was mount custom-fit, durable designer wall panels to the face of the building. Sharp chose our Madera Fiberglass Woodgrain Wall Panels, which mix the industrial style of concrete and the rustic charm of wood, all made from 100% hand-molded fiberglass—the same material used in some amusement park designs, and created to be high-impact and long lasting.

Once the designer wall panels were installed, we topped them with a modern checkerboard design of Madera Fiberglass Rectangular Planters in a contemporary washed pine finish. These chic planters provide the industrial look of concrete, but with a fiberglass construct that will last for years without chipping or cracking (unlike real concrete). Mixing in a wood-board look, complete with realistic looking wood grain and knots, these fiberglass planters were light and easy to hang from our durable French Cleat Hangers, which are made from commercial-quality aluminum alloy and designed to securely hold even large objects.

And, of course, what are beautiful planters without plants to showcase? In this case, as in many commercial applications, our clients didn’t want to have to maintain live plants—especially in this highly-visible application where plants need to look good no matter the weather, and are suspended in hard-to-reach, hard-to-water places. We suggested that they use lifelike, outdoor-rated artificial plants that look fresh and beautiful in every season and climate, and require zero maintenance. They agreed, and we helped them design a custom plantscape that perfectly complemented their design.

Design Solutions as Diverse as Our Clients

The diversity of our commercial clients matches the diversity of our design solutions—we approach every new project with the same goal: to make the client’s design vision come to life, and in a way that is visually pleasing, cohesive to their style and brand, and effortlessly functional for their space. Here are some of our past redesign projects:

What We Offer

We provide a wide variety of products, all available in cohesive and complementary designs, including:

Commercial-grade, customizable planters

Large, small, and custom-made planters in a variety of shapes and styles! Choose from wood, composite, stainless steel, cast stone, and fiberglass materials in a variety of color and finish options—from neutral to bold, and from matte to high gloss.

Commercial hanging baskets

Especially popular for city beautification and commercial redesign projects, our wide assortment of commercial hanging baskets instantly add beauty and color to your space. From traditional English Garden baskets (complete with rustic coconut coir liners) to modern low bowl baskets in contemporary styles, we offer a design aesthetic that will work with your application.

Decorative wall panels

Our architectural designer wall panels can be used as wall cladding, partitions, or backdrops in any commercial application—whether it’s used to accent the wall of a restaurant, upgrade the wall behind hotel’s registration desk, or partitions desks in a refreshed commercial office design. Made of durable fiberglass, which is lightweight and easy to mount or move, these designer wall panels are available in a range of sizes (including custom), and in an assortment of looks and textures—including bark, concrete, and real metal.

Lifelike, artificial plants and arrangements

Many of our commercial clients want the beauty and texture of plants in their commercial design, but don’t want to waste time and money maintaining live plants—which, even with expert care, may not last long! We are happy to offer these clients the natural-looking, always beautiful faux plants of our sister company, Artificial Plants Unlimited. From custom plantscapes and trees to fresh-looking flower arrangements, they have always fresh, always beautiful plant solutions for your commercial space.

Let’s Get You to Your Design Goal—and Within Budget!

Curious to learn more about our commercial design capabilities? We are eager to speak with you and find out how to get the look you are after, and at the budget you need to make it happen! Let us help you beautify your business or commercial property—visit us at www.PlantersUnlimited.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-320-0626

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