With spring and summer fast approaching, people are taking to the outdoors more and more. Once dormant, a restaurant patio may soon be brimming with eager diners—so just how can you maximize this space for both form and function to ensure that diners have a positive experience? Here are a few ways to create a dining experience for your guests that is worth talking (and Instagramming) about.

Keep it Cozy

Diners want to enjoy the novelty of being out and the comforts of being home all at the same time, so creating a private eating nook levels you up from the competition. Use decorative reeds, bamboo, or ornamental grasses in chic planters as elegant space dividers that provide just enough privacy to they feel they can have a one-on-one conversation or their own social dinner party, but not so much that they feel alienated from their surroundings. Umbrellas and awnings for shade from the sun are also important.

Create an Oasis

Keep the outside world out by providing guests a place where they can relax—which means removing disruptive elements like lots of noise and unsightly views. For example, is the patio facing a busy street or a place with lots of foot traffic? If so, blocking noise levels from cars and conversations is important. Some of our restaurant clients have come to us for solutions to that exact problem, and often our recommendation is using artificial boxwood hedges to line the patio, giving it a modern feel while absorbing noise from the outside and blocking traffic views.

Incorporate Nature

Use the beauty of the outdoors to your advantage with natural patio décor, like decorative planters, flowering and green plants, hanging baskets, and more. For longest-term use, plant evergreen perennials or go faux with realistic-looking artificial plants that won’t fade from the sun or weather. Other ideas for sprucing up an otherwise hard-lined, manmade outdoor space? Plant some ivy to climb up brick walls. Add landscape up lighting as a way to add ambiance and also highlight greenery, trees, and other natural elements.

Make it Modern

Keeping an outdoor patio space both modern in design and durable in any weather is important. And though umbrellas and shades help protect outdoor pieces from sun fade and weather damage, you will still need to use outdoor-grade materials to keep it looking fresh for years. Sleek, streamlined planters and textured plants elevate the space, bringing life and visual interest to an otherwise sea of tables and chairs. Living walls, succulents, and other striking green elements can also be used, real or faux, as an eco-inspired statement piece.

Invest in Long-Lasting Items

When it comes to outdoor pieces, some materials fare better while others fade quickly. Fiberglass planters are made for outdoor environments, and their durable construct withstands all weather conditions without cracking, chipping, or fading. At Planters Unlimited, our fiberglass planters can be made to look like wood, stone, and other materials, and offered in a variety of modern and traditional styles and unique finishes, including matte and glossy. And since most of our planters can be completely customized in size (including oversized) and with casters, drainage holes, LED lighting, brand logos, and other options, you get exactly the look you want with the functionality you need.

Bring Us Your Design Ideas!

At Planters Unlimited, there is no project to small or large for us and our custom manufacturing capabilities. Call our experts today at 1-888-320-0626.

Photo credits: Top photo courtesy of ShellVacationsHospitality. Blog featured image courtesy of N Wong.

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