With its brick buildings and original colonial architecture on a sprawling landscape of lush greenery and maintained gardens, the Pennsylvania Hospital is over 250 years old, and our nation’s first hospital. Located in the Society Hill district of Philadelphia, this striking national landmark was founded by a group of men that included Benjamin Franklin himself, and is a world-renowned hospital known for its contributions to advanced medicine. So when the hospital’s head groundskeeper, Daniel Bangert Jr., contacted us for some ideas on beautifying an outdoor patio area on the grounds, we were honored to assist. Here’s what we suggested.

Pennsylvania Hospital Then

Pennsylvania Hospital Now

Adding Green Accents with Hanging Baskets

To break up the sea of brick on these historic buildings, we suggested planting a mix of fresh blooms and vibrant greenery in our traditional English Garden Hanging Baskets. Their lovely basket design dates back to Victorian England, and was a perfect accent for this centuries-old building. Lined with real coconut coir liners, which are pH-balanced and promote soil health, these basket planters are made with industrial-grade, heavy-gauge steel chains, making them ideal for use in commercial spaces.

Mr. Bangert loved our idea, and ordered six hanging baskets and decorative wall-mount brackets for the patio area. The result?  “Everyone is happy with how the project turned out,” Bangert wrote to us. “The baskets look great, even with nothing in them! Thank you for getting us this great product!”

Changing Greenery with the Season

One of the best parts of having hanging basket planters is that you can change out the plants to reflect the season. The above photo shows the mixture of foliage Bangert chose for the hanging baskets this fall, a celebration of autumn plants in a textural array of warm colors. Plant croton, chrysanthemums, and purple fountain grass for fall, and vibrant lantanas and calibrachoa for spring. Whatever your arrangement, it’s easy to replant these hanging baskets; and since the coconut coir liners are economical and easily replaceable, these hanging baskets are low on maintenance.

Want no-fuss, zero-maintenance hanging baskets for a shopping mall, restaurant patio, or other commercial space? Try the realistic faux plants, flowers, and vines from our sister brand, Artificial Plants Unlimited.

Beautifying Historic Buildings, Cities, and Commercial Spaces

Most of our clients are landscape designers and trade professionals that contract us to provide designs for commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, universities, museums, theme parks, shopping centers, retail stores, and city streets. When the space is a historic landmark like Pennsylvania Hospital, the designs need to meet certain guidelines, which often includes longevity and designs that complement the surrounding architecture. Because our planters and site amenities are made from high-impact, commercial-grade materials, they are designed to withstand even harsh outdoor climates and high-traffic areas while still looking beautiful.

Hanging Baskets

Our commercial hanging baskets are a popular design for city beautification projects. Because they are at or above eye level, hanging baskets lift the eyes and beautify the space with vibrant colors and lush greenery. Easy to maintain, and simple to install with both wall and pole-mounted hardware, our hanging baskets are available in traditional and modern styles.

For more info on choosing the right hanging baskets for your project, check out our Hanging Baskets Buying Guide.

Commercial Planters

Using planters in a space is a great way to add color, texture, and natural beauty. Use them as decorative accents or as natural space dividers. From fiberglass and cast stone to wood and stainless steel, we have every sort of planter you need—in an assortment of designs, shapes, and sizes. Most of our planters are also fully customizable, so you can create a look to match or complement any landscape. We can even customize your planters with a logo or trademark design to keep your design cohesive to your brand.

Low Bowls

Modern in design and versatile in function, our low bowl planters can be placed on the ground, atop pillars and pedestals, and on walls. Since they are low in profile, these chic planters are a great way to introduce greenery into a space without overwhelming it or blocking sightlines.

Artificial Green Walls

The lush artificial living walls offered at Planters Unlimited and Artificial Plants Unlimited are a great way to elevate a design to contemporary and hide any eyesores along the way. Blank, boring walls, unsightly water heaters, tanks, and electrical meters can all be hidden behind these modern green walls. Popular for commercial design, our artificial green walls have been used in high-end resorts, restaurant patios, shopping centers, retail displays, and more—the design possibilities are endless! They can even be customized with your business logo embedded in the dense greenery.


How Can We Help Bring Your Design to Life?

Whether you’re designing a new space or rejuvenating an old one, let us help you match your design vision. For help with your next commercial project, call us at 1-888-320-0626.

Photo credits for first two photos (top to bottom): First Hospital Foundation and earthXplorer media, inc.


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