Downtown Redevelopment Ideas

Bring new color and beauty to downtown and historic areas of your city by transforming streetscapes with vibrant blooms, lighting and signage. Here are four quick and affordable ways to revitalize your city:

  • Bloom: Create radiance and charm by introducing our customized planters to entries and exteriors of restaurants, businesses and campuses. Hooks and Lattice offers planters and hanging baskets for every vision and budget. They require no maintenance and our self-watering planters make it easy to conserve water. Hooks and Lattice planters are created from new materials and won’t split, rot, yellow or fade!
  • Signage: Bracket business signs eliminate the need for visitors to stop at every storefront to find what they’re looking for. They bring in new customers and add instant elegance to businesses. Hooks and Lattice offers brackets, hardware, sign blanks and banner systems in a variety of designs, sizes and materials. These are available in durable materials such as wrought iron, aluminum coated as faux iron and PVC wood look-alike.
  • Lights: Illuminate for a brighter and safer city. For drawing attention to signage, banners and awnings consider using gooseneck lighting. From office plazas to industrial parks, Hooks and Lattice offers fluorescent flood lighting for every exterior project.
  • Wayfinding: Even with smartphone apps and maps, pedestrians can get easily lost and disoriented. Wayfinding is helpful for tourists, commuters and residents alike. Signs throughout popular areas help self-navigation and make it easier to explore new spots and routes.
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