Cutting Edge Planter Trends of 2015

Whip your landscaping into shape this season with some of the most visually interesting designs in large outdoor planters. These 4 trends are brightening up outdoor landscaping throughout commercial and residential spaces and you too can enjoy the relevant style infusion in your own outdoor designs.

Miro Sphere Planters - PersimmonBright Pops of Color

All year we’ve seen large planters getting brighter and more colorful. It’s a new joy in these bright pops of color, not just through bright flowers, but also through colorful outdoor planters. Often filled with bright annuals, we’re watching these terrific, colorful outdoor planters brighten up commercial landscaping in a very fresh way.

We’re not just talking modern planters in vibrant turquoise and red- but Pantone’s 2015 color Marsala is showing up all over the place with its rich reddish-brown hue. Filled with woodsy chocolate-shaded plants, it’s just the right amount of color for a professional space.

Clean Contemporary Lines

Seize the sleek outdoor look with a modern tapered planter. These fiberglass outdoor planters are dramatic and fresh, with dynamic angles and clean lines, and really emphasize a contemporary modern landscaping display. Modern tapered planters look elegant when filled with overreaching trees and ferns or can take a sweet and cheerful tone when filled with colorful annuals.

The Modern Tapered Rectangular Planters ensure you’re on point with this trend. They are completely customizable planter pots that really encapsulate the essence of modern landscaping. Choose from our standard sizes or specify your specific requirements for a commercial or residential planter that really works for you.

Unique and Flexible Planters

Earn those extra “space-specific” style points by using modular planters. When it’s imperative to be flexible and creative, modular planters maintain that crisp, relevant look while still providing a custom fit for your needs. Curving, segmented planters address your specific landscaping needs by wrapping around trees or posts, or creating sculpted borders for architectural interest. Create elaborate or simple planters that, when combined, create something unique and special for the space to really get the most of this trend.

acqua-bowlFiberglass Crafted Planters

This interesting trend has been great news for commercial planters.  Marine-grade fiberglass is popping up across outdoor spaces and looks absolutely fantastic.

This lightweight material is very durable, more-so than wood or ceramic, while being rot and mildew resistant. Fiberglass is completely watertight, making it the perfect solution for difficult spaces like rooftops, and resistant to warping and cracking, even in the hot sun. This beautiful medium lends itself to contemporary looks easily with its smooth finish that is very professional and clean.

The added benefit of marine-grade fiberglass in outdoor planters is that it’s ease to customize. Using fiberglass, custom planter pots can be crafted into unique shapes- the options are truly unlimited. It’s ideal for designers with a wealth of creativity and need for flexibility – since fiberglass can be molded into exactly what you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some current 2015 zip for your new landscaping project.

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