Planter Materials: How They’re Different and When to Choose One Over Another

At Planters Unlimited, we pride ourselves on going beyond an “off-the-shelf” mindset, specializing in highly customizable, commercial-grade planters. Part of our clients’ design freedom is choosing which planter material works with their design. In this post, we explain the differences between our most popular planter materials, and share examples of applications where they would work best.

Fiberglass Planters: Durable and Customizable Design Solutions

Fiberglass planters are made with reinforced glass fiber, a material that allows these planters to be durable and yet lighter weight than concrete planters. Made of weather-resistant materials that can withstand even the harshest climates (including freeze/thaw conditions), fiberglass planters are also the more economical planter option when compared to stainless steel, concrete, and wood. Our fiberglass planters are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. They are easily customizable, which makes them the ideal material to choose for if you need oversized planters (over 20 feet) or those with exact specifications—in this way, we are able to build a planter around your design instead of the other way around!


Cast Stone Planters: The Beauty and Strength of Real Stone

Our handcrafted, cast stone planters are made with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), giving it the smooth, flawless finish of concrete, but at a fraction of the weight—75% lighter, in fact. These beautiful planters are available in a variety of styles, from modern pieces with sleek lines to those that mimic Greco-Roman art and architecture. Their durable construct prevents them from chipping or cracking—making them ideal for high-traffic areas like shopping malls. Our larger cast stone planters are also functional as sophisticated café barriers, adding a sense of old-world elegance to restaurants, promenades, and courtyards.


 Fiber Stone Planters: The Feel of Actual Stone at a Fraction of the Weight

Fiber stone planters are the best of both worlds: they mix the texture and appearance of actual stone while being 1/3 of the weight of GFRC. They are made from fiberglass with a thin aggregate layer of sand and small stones, giving these planters a rough texture that feels to the touch like natural stone. The composition of these planters gives them a weathered, old-world charm, and makes them exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without cracking or splitting. At a fraction of the weight of actual stone, our fiber stone planters are less complicated to move into place.


Stainless Steel Planters: Sturdy, Hybrid Planters with Industrial Appeal

Contemporary meets heavy duty with our stainless steel planters, made from a fiberglass core and a stainless steel slip-over shell. With their polished metal finish, our stainless steel planters add a sense of industrial chic to modern design plans for hotels, resorts, luxury condos, and other upscale areas. These sophisticated planters are available in various shapes—from rounded to square, and from straight to tapered.


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