How to Choose the Right Planter for Your Space [Infographic]

Great planters are the perfect finishing touch for beautiful properties. Instantly add greenery and architectural interest with large outdoor planters that are fully customizable. From selecting material types to smart design with different styles and colors, we walk you through the steps to purchase in just minutes. Choosing the right planter for your space can be […]

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stainless steel planter

Outdoor Planters: How to Choose the Most Durable and Appealing Planter for Your Space

Outdoor planters offer the opportunity to pull life and color into your space. No major renovations, no constant maintenance; just an ever-evolving container of earth to complement and enhance design features already in place. With that, let’s talk matching and materials. In choosing the planter that best suits the existing landscape scheme, assess the design,…

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Miro Sphere Planters - Persimmon

Stylish New Commercial Planters for Your Business

Whether you run a multi-million dollar hotel chain, or a small sidewalk cafe, there is a good chance you have looked for commercial planters for your business.  Perfect for both indoor applications in offices, lobbies, and waiting areas, or outdoor spaces like decks, patios, or around entry areas, large planter boxes are a great way to add a little natural beauty to any space.

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Messina Illuminated Square Planters

Custom Planters for Your Business

Businesses across the country are rushing to put together landscaping design and interior design plans that include large planters.  The reason?  They have realized that customers appreciate commercial spaces that feel comfortable and unique.  There is no better way to provide this feeling than by using real or artificial plants in well-manufactured custom planters. While some…

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