Take Your Planters to the Next Level: How ArmoreCoat Real Metal Finishes Boosts Appeal

Bask in the look of large metal planters without the weight and cost with ArmoreCoat Real Metal Finishes. With this unique process, the look of real metal fits into any budget. ArmoreCoat real metal coatings can cover any commercial outdoor planter with a beautiful metallic finish so you can achieve the luxe look for less. Each real metal coating can be applied to virtually anything.

Transform a custom large planter box with ArmoreCoat’s brushed or polished Aluminum which resembles stainless steel. This innovative product enhances the modern look of our contemporary commercial outdoor planters with a Polished Aluminum Finish». One factory standard planter, the Neo, is completely identical to stainless steel but is molded from commercial-grade fiberglass and covered with an aluminum coating. This coating can look brushed or polished to fit your stylistic preferences.

Neo Polished Aluminum Planter

Neo Polished Aluminum Planter

Precious Metals Applied to Large Fiberglass Hanging Baskets

If your landscape project is taking you to a more patinated look, order large fiberglass planters made with 100% genuine copper. Each copper outdoor planter will naturally patina over time, as real copper always does, and slowly turn a beautiful blue green. We can also jumpstart the weathering process for an appealing weathered finish that makes planters look like they have been in place for years. Choose one of our beautiful Copper Hanging Baskets». Each lightweight basket looks like solid copper, but is without the weight and the cost. The genuine copper finish is available in 17″ and 21″ fiberglass hanging baskets or as a custom finish for any outdoor planter.

Copper Hanging Basket

Bronze Hanging Basket

Aluminum Hanging Basket

Corten Steel Hanging Basket

Jump onto the modern bronze trend without the expense and weight with our ArmoreCoat real metal bronze coating. This beautiful economical metal planter alternative provides a virtually maintenance-free solution to metal hanging baskets without the cost and weight of real metal. Real bronze is applied to the surface of a lightweight fiberglass Hanging Basket or outdoor planter a method called metallizing.

Industrial Corten Steel Planters

Another look very popular with the industrial trend is our Rusted Corten Steel Commercial Planters». The industrial look of corten steel is available without the high price and weight of traditional steel outdoor planters. The finish looks vintage, but the planter will never rust through because the planter is constructed from fiberglass. As an added benefit, the fiberglass keeps the weathering steel finish safe from the moist soil, eliminating the need for a liner. Using our ArmoreCoat process, a real steel coating is applied to a lightweight, long-lasting fiberglass planter.

Raw Corten Steel Planter with Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Raw Corten Steel Planter with Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Because the steel is real, and not a faux finish, you can receive the planter with a raw steel finish, to patina naturally as exposed to the elements, or we can rust the steel ourselves and deliver a patinated product. We love the powerful boost that ArmoreCoat Real Metal Finishes give to outdoor commercial planters and garden boxes. With such a variety of metallic finishes, there is truly a finish for every project.

Choose any planter design, ArmoreCoat finishes can be applied to any of our planters. Check out the unlimited possibilities at www.PlantersUnlimited.com

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