We all feel the difference between walking into a swank hotel and walking into a place where we want to call a cab the second we enter the door. Luxury hotels have the balance of colors, tones, and other design sensibilities down to a fine art, which is why we’ve scoured these design ideas from some of the world’s top resorts. Here’s what they have that others don’t.

#1: A Warm, Welcoming Reception Area

A swank hotel lobby and reception area will wow guests upon arrival, remain warm and inviting as they check in, and also encourage them to move on to their room. As top hotel designer Kelly Wearstler says, “The lobby is the first chapter in the story of your experience at the hotel. The design has to be incredibly thoughtful and also beautiful.” This means placing design accents carefully to create just the right aesthetic and flow for the space—enough to encourage one to relax after travelling, muse on beautiful and artful surroundings before continuing on.

Top hotels use soft lighting, comfortable seating, and unique art elements to peak their guests’ interest. Designer planters in contemporary, sleek profile are also added to create a chic space for guests to settle in.

#2: Cohesive Furnishings That Provide Continuity

Whether it’s brand recognition at every turn or a more subtle yet constant theme you’re looking to repeat, continuity in design matters. This can be accomplished with design accents customized with your logo, artwork made by local artists or pieces reflecting the era that the hotel was constructed in, and elements and colors that mimic the environment or design theme where the hotel lives. Using cohesive pieces—furniture, planters, hardware, etc.—with the same or similar design personality will bring a space together visually without creating a “matchy matchy” look.

For more information customizing design pieces with your logo and brand personality, check out this helpful blog post.

#3: A Selection of Textures—But Not Too Many

Create a full-senses experience for guests by varying textures in your design. Soft rugs, textured walls, wood furnishings, concrete or stone counter tops—all are ways to add depth to a room or space. But be careful not to overdo it, or else you could send too many mixed messages with your design. Choosing two or even three different textural elements will provide the 3-dimensional feel that guests will remember.

#4: Inspiring Outdoor Spaces Ripe for Relaxing

A carefully placed bench or nook of seats, a pool area just steps away from the turquoise sea, a restful patio, veranda, or common space. One thing that sets a luxury hotel or resort apart from the rest is their ability to provide beautiful, peaceful spaces for guests to relax and gather their thoughts.

What contributes to a space where guests can find peace? Natural elements like trees, plants, and flowers—whether planted in the ground or placed in stylish planters and pots. A cascading water fountain with benches surrounding it. A rooftop garden with hedges as space dividers that provide privacy for seating areas without interfering with the view. There are so many ways to make a space fit for rest and relaxation—think about the surroundings that inspire you and bring you peace and go from there!

#5:  The Outdoors Integrated with the Indoors

Take advantage of an arresting landscape by finding ways to blur the line between indoors and out. The top hotels and resorts do this in various ways. Large picture windows, sprawling decks and terraces, natural waterfalls and lush greenery brought indoors—these are some ideas. Using organic building materials and adding design accents, like living walls, rooftop gardens, and stone planters filled with local plant life, are all ways to ground the space while integrating the beauty of the natural surroundings.

How Can We Help with Your Next Design Project?

From New York’s Plaza Hotel to Hilton and Ritz Carlton, the world’s top hotels and resorts have trusted us to provide commercial planters and site amenities that withstand high-traffic environments and still look beautiful for years to come. How can we help you with your hotel, restaurant, theme park, or other commercial design plan? Our experts are standing by to help; call us at 1-888-320-0626 or visit us at www.PlantersUnlimited.com.

Photo credits (top to bottom, left to right): Boca Do Lobo, The Plaza Hotel New York, Planters Unlimited (two photos), Simple Home, Planters Unlimited (four photos), and Artificial Plants Unlimited. Blog featured image: The Kiwi Collection.
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