Wall Mount Modern Planters

Façade Landscaping Made Easy with Wall Mount Planters

Incorporating greenery into a building’s façade gives it architectural interest and natural beauty. But transforming a bare façade into one teeming with green life can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it with our Modern Wall Mount Planters , made especially for façade landscaping. These durable, easy-to-install wall mount planter boxes have a sophisticated design and a flexible style made to fit any project. Made to add visual interest to commercial buildings, parking structures, apartment and condo buildings, and other facades, here’s a rundown of why they are a smart investment.

Wall Mount Commercial Planters

That Clean, Modern Look

Planters Unlimited’s Modern Planters are known for their simple, streamlined style. With their smooth finish, seamless corners, and reinforced interior, they are a popular landscape design choice for hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, and other commercial and public buildings. Our Modern Wall Mount Planters have the same aesthetic in a wallscape design that includes hidden brackets not visible from the ground, allowing for easy, secure installation and a clean façade look. These brackets also have adjustable mount points, ensuring that on-site installation is easy, and the planters are secure when installed.

Customize to Your Project’s Needs

Versatile in design, our Modern Wall Mount Planters can be used to create whatever pattern you like on your building’s façade. A long line of planters, a stepped design, vertical rows, a custom pattern—whatever your vision, we’ll help you bring it to life. Available in nine standard sizes (with brackets included), and custom lengths and widths, these planters are everything you need for your next project. Add to that the ability to customize these large wall mount planters in over 25 colors and four finishes (including real metal options and custom color matching), and you have a fully customizable solution for any of your future projects.

Durable and Weather Resistant for Years of Use

You can expect the same sturdy construction and durability from our Modern Wall Mount Planters as you can with any of our products. Built with commercial-grade materials, these large wall mount planters are designed to last, even in harsh weather conditions, without cracking, chipping, or otherwise becoming damaged. These fiberglass planters are also lighter in weight and more durable than stone or concrete, so you can achieve that heavy-duty aesthetic but without the added weight (an especially important detail when looking for planters to install on buildings and at extreme heights). Moisture- and rot-resistant, these wall mount planter boxes also erase the worry of them becoming damaged or visually degraded, even after years of watering.

More Available Options

Working with designers and trade professionals for several years, we at Planters Unlimited understand the needs of your commercial projects. This is why we not only offer industrial-grade products built for high-impact environments and all-weather conditions, but we also offer several options that make maintenance easy and budget-friendly. To reflect this, our Modern Wall Mount Planters are available with options that include pre-drilled drainage holes, self-watering reservoirs, and custom logos and cutouts.

Pre-drilled drainage holes keep plants healthy and free of root-rot. Self-watering reservoirs make it easy to water plants when these trough wall mount planters are installed in high and hard-to-reach places. And custom logos and cutouts means the opportunity for branding and creative design are endless.

Wall Mount Madera Planters

What’s Your Design Vision?

Along with our Modern Wall Mount Planters, we have an assortment of industrial-grade planters and outdoor furniture for your commercial design projects. You also have the option to have wall mount planters pre-populated with UV-rated artificial foliage, if the side of the buildings are difficult to access for maintaining live plants.

Most designs are fully customizable in size, style, color, and finish—giving you free rein when it comes to designing pieces that fit your space in both dimension and aesthetic.

For the project shown here, we designed a contemporary checkerboard pattern with our Madera Fiberglass Planters and custom artificial plantscape. For more information or to discuss your project needs, visit us at www.plantersunlimited.com, Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1-800-320-0626.

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