Fabulous, No-Fuss Commercial Hanging Baskets: Buying and Care Tips

Large hanging baskets splay a wealth of color and natural beauty to passersby, enhancing the customer experience at shopping malls, hotels, resorts, retail stores, and other commercial properties. And since our commercial hanging baskets are available in larger sizes ranging from 18 to 42 inches, they make a strong statement, up close and afar, with their stately charm.

Our hanging basket experts at Planters Unlimited take the fuss out of these lovely hanging gardens, with tips that include buying what you need in one stop, instantly assembling them, and caring for them with ease.

English Garden Baskets: Get Everything You Need in One Shot!

Not sure what exactly you need to start? Our large English Garden basket systems come ready to fill and hang—all you need are the brackets, which we sell separately and come in several designs for post-, pole-, and wall-mounting. These easy-to-assemble basket systems include an iron cage, chains, a swivel hook, and a non-toxic, durable coconut liner. See how easy they are to put together—ready to hang almost instantly!

Modern Hanging Planters That Let You Play with Color

Our modern fiberglass hanging baskets are made using contemporary planter styles that incorporate clean-lined designs like the low bowl planter. These designer hanging baskets are available in over 20 chic colors and matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and sand finishes. With this broad range of planter colors to choose from, you can pair them with colorful blooms and create lively color combinations. For example, the persimmon shade provides a nice, earthy background for succulents while hunter green makes fuchsia bougainvillea vines pop visually.

Find out more about our ArmoreCoat Fiberglass Hanging Baskets.

Beautiful Baskets You Don’t Need to Water Every Day—or Week!

Keeping your hanging baskets looking their best requires, among other things, consistent watering. Typically, hanging baskets will need to be watered anywhere from twice a day to once every 4 days, depending on such factors as the type of plants, the size of the hanging basket, and the climate.

Don’t want to water—or pay maintenance costs to water—that often? Try our water-saving options, like our self-watering reservoirs and fiberglass liners. Using these options can mean the difference between watering every day and watering once every two weeks! For ultimate water longevity, use the fiberglass insert and water reservoir together for flawless hanging baskets.

No-Maintenance Hanging Baskets That Look Fresh All Season

Want no-water, zero-care hanging baskets that look good in every season? Try our realistic-looking and durable faux plants and flowers from Artificial Plants Unlimited. These faux, fade-resistant plants are made to weather tough weather conditions like arid heat and extreme frost. Hanging baskets with artificial flowers include floral options like morning glory and bougainvillea vines, geraniums, and azaleas. Leafy green vine options include English ivy, asparagus fern, sprengeri fern, and buckler fern.

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