How do you turn a plain sidewalk into an intimate outdoor dining experience? This is exactly what we did for a popular Massachusetts restaurant. Read on for the full story, and for tips on creating an outdoor oasis for your restaurant or business.

The Need: Additional Seating and Outdoor Dining

Land Strategies contacted us for help creating an outdoor seating area for the Great Road Kitchen Oyster Bar & Grill in Littleton, MA. Just a few months after opening, this new seafood eatery, which is located about 45 minutes outside of Boston, was soon packed with locals and visitors. The restaurant itself seated 200 people, but they were quickly filling up most nights of the week and so additional seating was fast becoming a priority.

Spring was coming, and the Great Road Kitchen would also soon need an outdoor dining space where patrons could relax and enjoy the warmer weather. And since an outdoor patio would add about 30 or more extra seats, they wanted to get started with the project right away.

The Plan: To Create an Intimate Dining Experience Outdoors

The space where the new outdoor patio was to go was an extended sidewalk that wrapped around one side of the restaurant. This sidewalk was open to a thoroughfare of shoppers, and was also butted up against the center’s parking lot, so we needed to create both a visual and functional barrier that would delineate the outdoor dining area. The solution? Our ultra-durable, commercial-grade Marek Fiberglass Planters.

The Solution: Fiberglass Marek Planters for Style and Durability

Fifteen of our Marek Planters, ordered in two sizes, were used to create the patio’s barrier. Made in our modern Charcoal finish, the Marek Planters worked seamlessly with the restaurant’s dark gray exterior, creating a cohesive design. Finished off with vibrant, lush greenery and bright flowers, these planters worked as space dividers and natural design accents for this new outdoor dining area.



Not only were the Marek Planters perfect in aesthetic for this project, but since they are made from industrial-grade materials for commercial settings, both indoors and out, they are built to withstand any type of climate (even freezing conditions) without damage. As such, they are a favorite among hospitality and landscape designers and contractors for projects of all kinds, whether it’s an outdoor shopping area in freezing Minnesota, or a hotel lobby in Beverly Hills. And since, like all of our fiberglass planters, our Marek Planters are fully customizable, they can be worked into any design scheme. Choose the size, style, color, and finish and this simple, streamlined planter can be made to complement all of your projects.

What Do You Need for Your Next Project?

From fully customizable planters to site amenities, we have the landscape solutions for your projects, large and small. Contact us today for a quote: 1-888-320-0626.

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