A favorite among landscape designers and trade professionals, our Modern Planter collection endures the seasons in style. Learn why our most popular planter collection can solve virtually any of your landscape needs.

The Style: Clean and Simple

Straightforward and streamlined, the Modern Planter collection fits seamlessly into any contemporary design theme. The Modern comes in several planter shapes and profiles, from rectangular and round to tapered and low bowl. A perfect planter for indoor or outdoor spaces, the Modern planter is endlessly versatile.

The Design: Weather-Resistant and Durable

Designed for harsh weather conditions that include freeze/thaw temperatures and dramatic temperature fluctuations, the Modern planter withstands them all without damage. Built from commercial-grade fiberglass and reinforced by interior bracing, the Modern planter can not only handle exterior stresses in the form of extreme heat and cold, but can also hold a heavy soil load and large plants and trees and their root systems with ease. Rot- and mildew-resistant, the Modern planter won’t leak, warp, mold, crack, or split.

The Application: Perfect for Rooftops, Terraces, and Balconies

When it comes to applications where weight is a factor, fiberglass planters win every time. With their lightweight, yet sturdy, design, our Modern fiberglass planters are the first choice when it comes to rooftops, terraces, balconies, and decks—applications where load-bearing limits are placed on planters and other outdoor furnishings due to building codes. An added bonus of our Modern planters is that they can be customized to look like other, heavier materials like concrete and stone, all while maintaining a lighter weight.

The Flexibility: Customize it for Your Project

One of the reasons designers love our Modern planters is because they are fully customizable—choose the size, style, shape, and finish to suit the needs of your project. Our Modern planter is available in six planter shapes, 25 marine-grade paint colors, and four finishes. We can also color-match them to another manufacturer’s color to give you a cohesive look with any existing décor. These durable planters can also be made oversized, self-watering, watertight, and mobile (with locking casters). Drip trays and drainage holes can be added, making them ideal for both indoors and outdoor spaces.

The Projects: Some of our Modern Makeovers

New York Condominiums

A mix of our Modern and Ashville fiberglass planters were used on this New York City rooftop. Modern planters, made in a black semi-gloss finish, were used as natural privacy screens when planted with lush greenery, and placed along the edge of the balcony to provide privacy without blocking views.

Downtown Seattle Terrace

This gorgeous downtown Seattle residence wanted planters to match the modern aesthetic of their terrace garden, and our Modern planters fit the bill. Not only are our Modern planters the perfect style, but they are also the perfect weight for this rooftop application, which required lighter-weight planters to counterbalance the weight of the large trees and their root systems that would fill them. And since these fiberglass planters are made from outdoor-grade materials, they were the perfect solution for Seattle’s famously cold and rainy climate.

Hilton Hotel Pool in St. Louis

Hilton Hotel needed planters for their pool area that would complement their tropical plants and yet be sturdy enough for a high-traffic area. We suggested using our Modern planters in a white, semi-gloss finish because they are both aesthetically pleasing and durable in commercial environments.

The Bottom Line: Make Your Modern Today

At Planters Unlimited, our clientele is designers, contractors, architects, and other trade professionals who require commercial-grade, high-design products for their projects. We have years of experience providing industrial-grade planters, like the Modern, and at a shorter lead time than our competitors. Visit us at www.PlantersUnlimited.com or call us today to place an order or discuss your custom project: 1-888-320-0626.

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