Custom Fiberglass Planters: Drab to Divine in No Time

At Planters Unlimited we pride ourselves on creating custom planters that are true design assets. And in the commercial planter box arena, no material is more up to the task than fiberglass. Not only does its lighter weight cut down on shipping costs and installation labor, but fiberglass garden containers also have endless custom potential. Forget about cranes and road closures to haul in concrete planters weighing several thousand pounds. Commercial planter boxes made of fiberglass achieve the same look and durability at a fraction of the weight and cost.

Large Commercial Fiberglass Planters

Modern Rectangle Planters in Fiberglass – Corporate Center

Custom Fiberglass Planters in All Shapes and Sizes

The ultimate in versatile container gardening, fiberglass planters can be custom built to meet any of the demands for specific installations. Long, tall, round, octagonal, rhombus, wavy, textured, illuminated, color matched, on casters, with a false bottom or a water reservoir – the list goes on. We can even match planters with beautiful, realistic artificial plants for a complete no-maintenance install.

Complement Any Surface Pattern or Texture

Modern Round Fiberglass Planters, Outdoor

Modern Round Fiberglass Planters, Outdoor

By taking molds of any texture, surface, logo, crest or pattern, our designers can match the walls of your planter to any exterior design. Like our Madera line of planters – crafted using a real wood mold, so you get the look and character of a wooden planter without the rot and bugs. Need to match a specific color? We can replicate just about any tone whether it comes from a professional swatch or a paint chip from the wall.
Looking for a metal finish? Our unique ArmoreCoat technique mimics real metals like bronze, copper, aluminum and more. And Armorecoat looks and feels like the real thing…because it is! By incorporating actual metal into our finish we’re able to provide all the benefits of a metal planter (some will even develop a patina over time!) without the possibility of the corrosion or rust compromising the structural integrity of your planter. If you want that rusted corten steel effect we have the ability to add patina during manufacturing for an instant, aged look.

Commercial Fiberglass Planters in Pasadena - Tapered Square Modern Design

Commercial Fiberglass Planters in Pasadena – Tapered Square Modern Design

Will it fit?

Building outdoor planters out of fiberglass gives us the ability to custom fit a planter to any corner, wall or open-concept design space. For example, our top selling Modern Series is a clean, contemporary modular system that allows unlimited design versatility. Need a seamless rectangular planter the length of a football field? We can build it. And the detail work is customizable as well: Like creating a smooth curved corner to fit odd angles no matter how acute or obtuse. Fiberglass also has the added benefit of superior strength and durability without the fear of rotting, rusting, cracking or deteriorating.

Making Safety A Top Priority

Most commercial planters come with pre-drilled holes to ensure the healthy drainage of plants. However, runoff can potentially lead to slippery walkways and resulting liability issue. To overcome this challenge, we offer a watertight planter that can be modified for a drainage system to direct excess irrigation away from walkways. Less ugly runoff streams on top of safer and drier sidewalks, paths and commercial patios – it’s a win, win.
Additionally, to ensure custom planters with superior structural integrity, our designers always add stiffeners and bands during the manufacturing process. Although honoring custom requests is our specialty, we won’t build a fiberglass planter unless we’re confident it will demonstrate permanence of shape.

Why Planters Unlimited?

Making custom planters is our forte. No job is too big or small and all design specs are given due consideration. Our customer service staff is unparalleled in their ability to assist or solve issues you or your customers might have. They can walk you through the process of ordering a very specific size and shape – or if you have no idea where to even begin with outdoor planters they’ll help you decide on a suitable, appropriate custom planter that will fit perfectly within your space. Let us help you design a custom fiberglass planter today!

To learn more please contact us by email or phone: 1-888-320-0626

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