Every day we at Planters Unlimited are tasked with offering landscape solutions that serve multiple purposes for our hospitality clients. Some simply want durable indoor and outdoor planters in a style that complements their space. Others want to add both greenery and functionality, and they look for products that do double (or often even triple) duty in a space. Such was the case with a recent rooftop pool project that we helped re-design for the luxury apartment complex Monogram on Washington in St. Louis.

Project Needs: Add Greenery, Seating, and Space Dividers

Director of Design at Studio KC Architecture, Katherine Ramsey, came to us on behalf of her client who was looking for design options for this newly renovated space. The rooftop pool would serve as one of the highlights of this complex, a true selling point to prospective renters, who could look forward to enjoying relaxing moments by the pool and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In order to make this space a true tropical oasis nestled atop a bustling city, it needed greenery to visually break up the concrete landscape, and pieces that matched the surrounding elements, like the ultra-modern and streamlined barbecue island they added for poolside parties. But more than aesthetics and greenery, the space also needed space dividers to provide a visual break between the pool and outdoor patio area. Additional seating was also important to accommodate community and private parties, and sunny summer days when the pool would be packed with people.

Working with Katherine and her client, we came up with the idea to meet all their needs in the form of our Madera Rectangular Commercial Planters and Madera Planter Benches. Not only were these landscape elements the perfect match for the space aesthetically, but they were ideal in functionality.

Choosing Moisture-Proof Materials for a Poolside Escape

The client loved the look of wood planters, but knew that they were less practical in an environment with constant exposure to moisture. Unlike wood, which may rot or mold in a wet environment, our Madera Planters and Planter Benches are made from water-resistant fiberglass that will never rot or become damaged from moisture, whether from excess pool water or the often inclement weather of St. Louis.

Bringing it All Together

After providing samples of our Madera fiberglass material, our client was on board and excited to see how these modern planters and benches, with their cohesive styles, would transform their pool area. And they did! Check out these before and after shots:



A Beautiful Ending and a Happy Client

Upon completion of the project, Katherine expressed the gratitude of both her and her client with this kind message: “Thanks so much for your help with this project! You were fantastic to work with from day one! Please share with your team, and thanks again for all of your help as we worked through the owner’s desires. The owner is thrilled with the end product; I’m sure we’ll work with you again in the future.”

Looking for Help with Your Next Project?

Working with our clients to find just the right landscape solutions for their projects is our specialty. For years, we have worked with landscape architects, designers, and homeowners to find the solution for their space—and in the size and style they desire. How can we help you transform a space for your next project?

Visit us at www.plantersunlimited.com or call one of our design experts at 1-888-320-0626.

Photo credits (top to bottom, left to right): Greystar, Planters Unlimited, Paric, and Monogram on Washington. Blog featured image courtesy of Monogram on Washington.
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