Artificial Plants & Commercial Planters: A Match Made in Heaven

Tired of a concrete jungle? Looking for a way to brighten your commercial space but don’t want to introduce recurring costs, liabilities or upkeep? We have the perfect solution. Planters Unlimited is the preeminent manufacturer of custom, commercial fiberglass planters and their sister company Artificial Plants Unlimited happens to be the premier manufacturer of artificial plants. Together they can craft you a custom commercial planter that will arrive pre-planted with a beautiful, realistic, tasteful arrangement of artificial plants for that splash of color you’ve been looking for, in the no-maintenance solution you desire.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Black Planter

Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Black Planter

No Maintenance Required

Azalea Trellis Outdoor Space Divider

Azalea Trellis Outdoor Space Divider

Commercial Planters can be costly and time consuming but the color and charm they bring can lead to increased productivity, a more inviting space and lend a more personalized touch to even the bleakest of settings. The majority of indoor planter boxes are chosen to serve a specific purpose (like creating an elegant barrier, breaking up a large space into several smaller ones or covering unsightly equipment) rather than the most suitable location for plants to grow. Even in an optimal setting maintaining a garden is a difficult task and requires constant care and watering. Artificial plants on the other hand, look every bit as lovely, require no perpetual maintenance and are always in bloom! Perhaps the best part of ordering a plantscaped commercial planter…upon arrival the only task required is moving the planter from the delivery truck to its preferred location. No running water lines, worrying about proper drainage or cleaning up the dirt after planting.

Instant Installation and Gratification

Most people would agree that growing plants is difficult. Miss a watering cycle or over irrigate and your tall outdoor planters will be filled with dead, dying or just unsightly plants. The most critical time for flora is just after transplanting because the plant has to acclimate to the new planter, this is usually accompanied by lost leaves and blossoms until the roots are ready to support new growth. Suddenly that full planter you envisioned looks more like the desert, barren. Silk flowers and fake bamboo don’t require any sort of grow-in period, they’re beautiful and full from day one, and won’t ever outgrow their container or require thinning, replacing or weeding! If you’re looking to make an immediate impact on your commercial space the choice to go with a plantscaped planter seems pretty obvious. Let your designer choose plants to make a statement rather than the boring ones suitable for your growing zone.

Add Beauty while Saving Money

22" Hanging Basket with Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea

22″ Hanging Basket with Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea

Watering plants is costly and a constant challenge. Routing water lines to your planters requires unsightly hoses and pipes but also brings up potential issues like expensive leaks, water damage and liability. Hanging flower baskets on light posts is a seemingly quick and easy way to add charm. It’s doubtful you have waterlines at the ready for each post so the alternative is to hire a watering truck to drive around your city spraying the baskets weekly or more if it’s during the summer. Then you’re left with overspray on the sidewalk and saturated, dripping hanging baskets. Artificial hanging baskets solve all of those issues and more! The plants will never dry out, wilt or need to be replaced and because they’re UV rated they’ll maintain their bright natural hues. And a hanging basket is the perfect location for artificial plants because the basket’s height and distance from pedestrians means no one will ever know the difference! The combination of commercial planters and artificial plants is a sound investment; they’ll pay for themselves within the first year because the only part that’ll be recurring is the long-lasting beauty and charm!

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