Announcing A New *Brand* of Garden Container: Yours

Have a custom logo design for your business? If so, an exciting opportunity for your own unique brand of commercial planters awaits. But before we get into details, let’s talk a little bit about why making custom logos a part of plantscape design is pure genius.

The warm glow of this logo jumps off of the stainless steel backdrop.

The warm glow of this logo jumps off of the stainless steel backdrop.

“Green” and Branding Power Unite

We love a monogrammed planter for two main reasons:

  • Personalization honors a unique business brand
  • Logo planters make spaces feel more vibrant and green

Whether it’s a single local bakery or a nationwide hotel chain, the branding process signifies a labor of love for business owners on all scales. And why not? The concept of ideas transforming into tangible identities that people have come to recognize and appreciate is very exciting! So it seems only natural to have large landscape and indoor planters that honor this process.

Not to mention, adding botanicals is a foolproof way to make a space feel more familiar and approachable. A personalized planter design packs that two-in-one punch.

It’s Not Just a Logo

Building a cohesive brand gives a business staying power. When customers know what you and your product are all about, they feel more open to connecting, and an emotional connection leads to loyalty. This is what a custom logo design truly represents.

The Plaza Hotel in NYC extends their branding through custom logo planters.

The Plaza Hotel in NYC extends their branding through these custom logo planters.

Whether your business has already achieved strong brand recognition or is still working to establish an identity, attention to detail goes a long way. A monogrammed planter is an innovative way to increase familiarity with a logo by exercising cohesion throughout a property. For example, commercial outdoor planters are ideal for lining restaurant patios and marking hotel entryways. And large indoor planters extend the chic branding opportunity to interior design for building atriums, lobbies, sales floors and much more.

Differentiate with Custom Planters

Beyond the average office planter, a personalized container reinforces the level of quality business owners strive to uphold. And the best part is, all design decisions stem from your style values including:

  • Materials: choose from commercial-grade favorites like fiberglass and composite PVC
  • Finishes: there is virtually no limitation to our color and texture combinations
  • Logo size and placement: go super subtle or sizeable for undeniable visual impact
  • Planter body shape and size: the sky’s the limit here
  • Accessories:from drainage holes to rolling casters, make logo planters work for you

Business owners and the individuals they employ work hard to define and build brilliant, beloved brands. So, why not show off the emblematic logos you and your customers love with personalized planter and plantscape design? We like to think of it as a “green” reward for a branding job well done.

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