Beautify Your Town with Hanging Baskets

It is inevitable that over time things get worn down and just aren’t quite as beautiful as they once were. This is definitely true in many downtown and urban areas, and the task of beautifying and rebuilding can seem daunting. A simple yet incredibly effective way to bring life and beauty back into your town is through hanging baskets. Plants and flowers show vibrancy and that someone cares about the area, and are easier to put together than you might think. Here is a guide to beautifying your space with hanging baskets.

Beautifying city streets nationwide, our commercial hanging baskets can be mounted anywhere using the right brackets.

Beautifying city streets worldwide, our commercial hanging baskets can be mounted anywhere using the right brackets.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a blank canvas for a beautiful spread of flowers and plants. Begin with a stylish but basic hanging basket, like this English garden model, that will work well in any space. Consider the scale of your space – you want something that will make a statement but that won’t be too large and get too heavy. This basket is 18 inches in diameter, which is a standard size for commercial outdoor use.

Some hanging baskets come with liners, but if not you’ll need to purchase your own. Basket liners keep plants safe and improve water circulation, as well as make it easy to switch between plants for different seasons. A popular and sturdy model is this fiberglass insert. If you live in a dry area or if your plants are difficult to water, consider investing in a well reservoir, which will turn your hanging basket into a self-watering planter and keep plants looking fresher longer without much effort.


There are lots of things you can do with a hanging basket, but it definitely helps to have a strong bracket to keep your plants and flowers in place. Commercial grade brackets not only provide heavy-duty mounts that will withstand the elements for years, they also come in a variety of styles and options. To add a decorate element to an existing post, consider this two-way hook bracket, which can create a charming atmosphere. For a simpler approach, this twisted arm bracket works well attached to a wall or attached to a small stand inserted in the ground.

Waterfront hanging baskets brighten up this otherwise dreary bridge.

Waterfront hanging baskets brighten up this otherwise dreary bridge.


After you have the basket and brackets chosen, the colorful part begins – picking the flowers and plants. When choosing items for your hanging basket, consider the colors and style of your downtown area and surrounding buildings. You’ll also want plants that will work well in your climate and withstand the elements through multiple seasons. Some hanging baskets feature a mix of flowers that spill over, while others stick to one style plant and keep it trimmed and well groomed. The choice is yours – be creative and find pieces that work in your area. For a fuss-free version, consider filling your basket with artificial flowers. Quality artificial flowers, like these, come in a variety of options and don’t even look fake. For a beautiful atmosphere without having to water or prune, artificial flowers are a great option.

Hanging baskets can turn any urban or downtown area into a charming garden oasis. Get creative to find the right mix of styles and colors to beautify your space.

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