Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Modern Planters

Artificial Boxwood Hedges: Your FAQs, Our Answers

Boxwood hedges have long been a garden favorite. The Ancient Egyptians planted boxwood in their garden, trimming them into hedge shapes as decoration. In modern times, they’ve adorned famous gardens around the world, from Versailles to the White House. It’s no wonder that boxwood hedges continue to be a favorite among garden enthusiasts and landscape designers alike.

However, not all have the time, patience, or ideal conditions to grow real boxwood hedges, so we at Planters Unlimited have designed our faux hedges to provide the same aesthetic without the added expense and maintenance. Here are a few of the most common questions we get about our artificial hedges, and answers from our experts.

How are boxwood hedges used in landscape and interior design?

The decorative, easy-to-shape greenery of boxwood hedges are used in residential and commercial gardens and landscapes to craft artistic patterns, delineate pathways, divide spaces, and create privacy. Our artificial hedges in planters are a popular choice, as they provide a modern design element that requires no watering or sunlight, so they can be placed anywhere (shade or sun) and maintain their natural-looking greenery without wilting or fading.

Restaurants use them to create an artificial hedge wall (and prevent noise pollution) around their outdoor patios. Shopping malls, both indoor and outdoor, use them to bring the greenery of the outdoors in, or create private “nooks” for shoppers to rest. In residential settings, artificial hedges are used as privacy screens when neighbors are close, and as contemporary design elements for swimming pools, rooftop gardens, and other common areas.  

There are so many ways to use our artificial boxwood hedges! For more ideas, view our project gallery.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Modern Collection Fiberglass Planters

What are the benefits of artificial hedges?

Unlike real hedges, faux boxwood hedges don’t need to be watered, placed in the sun, trimmed, or maintained at all. They give you all the benefits of the real thing, plus they are 100% maintenance free! That means no expensive landscape maintenance crew, no browning or dying greenery, and no fading. Planters Unlimited’s artificial hedges are especially long-lasting as they are made with a commercial-grade iron core, UV-impregnated, fade-resistant greenery, and an outdoor-grade, fully customizable planter.

How long do artificial hedges last?

Our artificial boxwood hedges maintain their gorgeous green color and perfectly manicured shape for years of use. The commercial-grade construction and UV-protected greenery last longer than those you get from retailers, since ours are made with the commercial environment, and the rigors that come with it, in mind. Even in full-sun and heavy-traffic applications, these fake hedges keep their shape, color, and texture for several years, making them a favorite of landscape designers and contractors from all over.

Modern Fiberglass Planter with Corten Steel Finish

How do I install artificial hedges?

Our artificial hedges already come “pre-planted” in our Modern planter, which is custom-made in the size, shape, color, and finish of your choice. That means there is zero installation needed; simply move them into place. For larger and commercial applications, Planters Unlimited can provide on-site installation.  

Where can I buy artificial hedges?

Planters Unlimited has a large selection of fully customizable artificial boxwood hedges that come pre-installed in our popular Modern planters. In addition to faux boxwood hedges, we also offer English ivy hedges in the planter of your choice. Simply choose the artificial hedge type and size, and customize your planter to match your design and application.

Have a Design in Mind? Let Our Experts Help!

Have an application in mind for our artificial hedges? Have more questions about whether they are right for your design? Ready to place an order? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us with a few details about your project, visit us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-320-0626.

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