As versatile in their range of designs as they are in their use, indoor and outdoor commercial planters can change the whole look and function of a space. Whether it’s a hotel lobby, a city street, a modern office, or a Zen-filled spa, planters are the perfect way to add greenery and definition. Here are but a few ways that our clients have used planters in their design, and some of them just may surprise you (and inspire you to do the same).

Boosting Your Brand

Wood, fiberglass, metal, stone: at Planters Unlimited, our custom planters can be made in virtually any material (and even mimic these materials, but at a lighter weight and more economical price point). Custom-order planters in your brand colors, and select or customize the style, size, and shape to match the look of your brand, allowing you to maintain a cohesive look throughout the space. Planters can also be further customized with logos and other brand-specific designs to keep your company top of mind to all who visit the space.

Keeping it Private

Instead of expensive and ugly fencing, why not use modern planters overflowing with lush greenery as a privacy screen? Pools, outdoor eateries, event spaces, office break areas—these are just a few of the places where a bit of extra privacy is welcomed. And the best part about using planters for privacy is that you get to choose just how much privacy you need, and line up or configure the planters (and select the plants) according to their screening capabilities—all while maintaining an open concept. For example, our Solerno Planters have a clean, crisp design and are available in a 30″ tall design that is perfect for planting trees, ornamental grasses, palms, and other plants that act as natural screens. Our Modern Square Planters have a simple, streamlined design and are also available in tall planter styles.


Creating a Flow

Make a lasting impression while directing your guests to the reception area in a hotel lobby using planters in the entryway. Keep pedestrians safe from cars and away from annoying traffic noise by lining your restaurant patio with planters. Block off doors and other places you don’t wish guests to access with stylish planters overflowing with greenery. Using planters in this way is a creative way to direct guests where you want them to go and subtly point them away from places you don’t, all the while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming atmosphere.


Adding Color & Texture

From rugged stone to shiny metal, our designer planters can be used to expand or retract in a space, grounding it with natural textures or creating a dazzling, ultra-modern display. Choose from brushed or polished stainless steel or a high-gloss composite planter for a classic, contemporary look. To keep it modern and sleek in an entryway or around a deck or pool, try a grouping or line of Low Bowl Planters to add dimension and showcase colorful plants, all without blocking views. If you want the look of reclaimed wood, but with the durability of fiberglass, try our Baxter and Brockton fiberglass planters, which are available in rectangular and tapered designs. Once you’ve decided on the planters, add in colorful flowers and vibrant, leafy greenery, and you have instantly elevated your space, making it inviting for guests and prospective customers.


What Will New Planters Do for Your Space?

Because they’re made with industrial-grade materials made to withstand even the most challenging climates and heavy traffic areas, our commercial planters will last and look beautiful for years. How will you use them in your next commercial project? For questions or to place an order, call us at 1-888-320-0626.


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