ArmoreCoat Metal Planters

Take Your Planters to the Next Level: How ArmoreCoat Real Metal Finishes Boosts Appeal

Bask in the look of large metal planters without the weight and cost with ArmoreCoat Real Metal Finishes. With this unique process, the look of real metal fits into any budget. ArmoreCoat real metal coatings can cover any commercial outdoor planter with a beautiful metallic finish so you can achieve the luxe look for less. […]

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Nazca Fiberglass Planter

Fiberglass Planters: How This Material Can Save You Money

The versatility of fiberglass has become the gold standard for commercial planters chosen by savvy homeowners and designers who are interested in the latest landscape design ideas. Besides the exceptional qualities inherent in fiberglass itself, the characteristics listed below further describe how buying fiberglass planters saves you money. Weight and Strength = Cost Savings Planter…

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